EGS 3000

2008 EGS3000

low houred mechanical drainage machine built with readily available current build components can be modified to your specification Finance and delivery worldwide are also available

Machine frame main frame: Frame completely welded and oversized to heavy stress points

Track frames  c / c 2200 mm

Crawler Frame: Independently movable and adapting to the floor surface hinged attachment to the rear axle and oscillating at the

  Caterpillar length: 4537 mm c / c  5370 mm overall
Chains : D4, equivalent
 3 carrier and: 10 carrying bottom rollers

Roller Guide: 2 x D4 equivalent, each side
Caterpillar: D4
Track plates: 800 mm. three web
Crawler final drive: hydrostatically by means of 2 Rexroth hydraulic pumps
2 hydraulic motors Rexroth
2 planetary final drive gears O & K F44 with park brake

Diesel engine: Cat, model C9, 300 HP 

Exhaust pipes: Normal assembly
Pump gearbox: for chassis drive and cylinder system
Fuel tank: 400 liters

Hydraulic cylinder system
Gear pump: in a closed circuit system  brand Rexroth

Mechanical chain drive
Main clutch: Eaton
Gearbox: Eaton, 7 gears forward; 1 reverse
Angular gearbox: Hollanddrain brand, with one-sided output shaft
Final Drive Drive chain: one-sided, duplex chain 1 ½ "ASA, super quality
Overload clutch: mechanically adjustable
Middle sprocket or auger: Hydraulically adjustable

Bottom sprocket lifetime oil lubricated 

Oil cooling: 1 radiator for caterpillar drive and cylinder system with
Oil motor drive of the fan
Directional control valves: electric / hydraulic 24 volt operating system
Control board: all functions in the cab
Special comfort cab mounted on Parallellogram with ISRI seat with mechanical Suspension. 
Chassis: two controls Levers for forward, reverse and steering

Digging chain (main clutch): foot pedal and gear selector
Drainage pipe reel: 2 hydraulically liftable pipe reel
Cooling capacity: up to 45 gr. Cel. (Environmental temperature)
Machine height: 2800 mm
Machine width: 3000 mm (transport)
Max. Digging depth: 2000 mm
Machine speed: 0 - 4000 m / h (working speed: 0 - 2000 m / h)
Grave chain speed: 4.8 m / s
Machine weight: 18000 kg +/- 5%

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